1. 1

    First Inscription

    You have demonstrated your ability to communicate with the written word. (1 post)

  2. 2


    Another adventurer finds your tales interesting. (1 like)

  3. 5

    A familiar face

    Conversation no longer stops when you walk through the door. (30 posts)

  4. 10

    Needs a new quill

    Hours of diligent inscription have worn out your quill. It would appear you need a new one. (100 posts)

  5. 10

    Developing a reputation

    You are beginning to become known by your words. (25 likes)

  6. 15

    Village hero

    Somewhere, you are famous. (100 likes)

  7. 20

    Expert scribe

    The scrolls you have written fill the walls. (1000 posts)

  8. 20

    Renowned adventurer

    Many people know your name. (250 likes)

  9. 30

    Cult leader

    Enough people follow your words that you may consider starting your own religion. (500 likes)