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    Gaming History: Origin vs. EA
    Since I am in a DOS game / Ultima mood this week I found an interesting article about the history between Origin and EA.

    Before it was rebranded into EA's online marketplace and downloading platform, Origin was actually one of the premiere game development shops, famous for (of course) two notable and long running series of games: Ultima (immersive true role-playing games) and Wing Commander (space sim dogfighting).

    At the time Origin was a small and independently minded development shop while Electronic Arts was already on its way to becoming a corporate juggernaut. The two companies had a pretty bad history together before Origin finally sold out to EA.

    The last of Origin under EA went on to create Ultima Online which was basically the first graphical MMORPG, and in terms of an immersive role playing environment with a malleable world, perhaps one of the best even still.

    Read about it here!

    Notably Warren Spector worked at Origin for a time and had a role in several Ultima games, notably Ultima 7: Serpent Isle. He then went on to oversee Thief: The Dark Project (Looking Glass) and Deus Ex (Ion Storm).

    If you have a cool piece of gaming history that you've found, share it here!
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    I don't have a lot to write, but this podcast about Looking Glass Studios is excellent.
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