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What Social Media sites do you use?

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  2. Twitter

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  3. Tumblr

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  4. Deviantart

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  5. Other

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  6. None they're all abominations!

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    I've been going through HTML and CSS by Jon Duckett, which so far has proven to be an excellent book for someone who is totally new to HTML and CSS. This is solidly a beginner book. It presents the information in a stylish format and small pieces. I tried to learn how to build websites in the past, but information on the internet was a bit more jumbled and difficult to follow. Though that may have just been the sites I visited, who knows. In anycase having a print book beside you while you work on trying out various concepts on the computer is more comfortable for me.

    Determined to build my own website and leave all the social media garbage behind, perhaps with a content management system that will post things to Tumblr and the like. As it seems even if you have your own site that is nicer people like to "follow" you through the larger social sites.

    Edit: added a "none" option to the poll.
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